Combine casino gaming with poker!

For a long time, my preferred form of gambling would exclusively be casino gaming. I think the main reason for this is that it was the first form of gambling I was introduced to, and since I’m quite a habitual person, casino gaming quickly began to feel like “home” to me. I had some quick encounters with other forms of gambling such as sports betting (although I don’t really care that much for sports) as well as bingo, but they never quite managed to live up to the excitement that casino gaming gave me. What I like most about the casino environment is the variety it offers – Many other forms of gambling feel like the games are very repetitive and there’s never much new stuff going on, whereas in casino gaming there are always new games being added, and you’ve got everything from slot machines to table games and video poker.

But after a couple of years, is started finding casino games a bit repetitive as well. I was sitting in front of the same slot machines just putting coin after coin in, and it felt like it wasn’t as fun as it used to be. I started talking to a friend about it – A friend who is also very interested in online gambling. He said to me that he had felt the same thing a while back, and that changing things up a bit might be the answer. He said that the reason he had grown a little bit tired of just casino games was the fact that there was little he could do in order to affect the outcome of a game. Casino games are entirely based on chance, and thus he decided that he would learn poker, as it’s a game where skill is equally important as luck.

After our conversation I thought that I didn’t really have anything to lose (apart from a small deposit) by signing up to a poker website and giving it a try. I started reading a few poker guides at the poker-section a gambling portal, and thereafter I created an account and started playing. I remembered all the hand combinations from playing video poker in the casino, and it didn’t take me long until I was really starting to get into it. I quickly became quite good at playing cards, and I also realized that this was a much more social game than casino games, which are usually played in solitude, at least if you are playing on the internet. Here, people were constantly interacting with their opponents in the chat room, which made for some great banter and friendships started to form.

The great thing about poker in my opinion, is that you are constantly learning new stuff, and as you get better you start to get a different understanding of the game, which makes it feel like the game is forever changing. On the other hand, it can sometime get a little bit tiring having to think so hard for extended periods of time. Thus, I have now find the perfect balance in my gambling habits. By combining poker with casino gaming, I can always go playing poker when I start to feel that casino gaming is starting to get a bit dull and “brain-dead”, and the other way around – When to poker is starting to melt my brain from thinking so much, I can just go back and spend a few hours at the slot machines.

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