Real casinos vs. online casinos

Think back 20 years ago – If you wanted to play casino games you had no option but to visit a real brick-and-mortar casino. It didn’t matter if you had to travel for miles to get there. Of course, this was rather inconvenient for a casino player myself, who just so happened to live in a city which didn’t have a casino. Thus, I had to carefully plan each and every session I wanted to have, which was in fact alright, as I could book a nice hotel room in the big city and make a weekend of it. Let’s fast forward 20 years and look at where we are at today, in the age of the internet. Nowadays, any person over 18 years of age, can simply type in an address for a casino in their browser, create a player account and be in the game within just a couple of minutes. The world has really changed!

In this blog post I want to compare real casinos to online casinos, and go over some pros and cons of both. I want to start by saying that I enjoy both forms, although they are more different to each other than you would think. So let us begin by looking at the classic casino – a real physical casino that you can actually walk into. The first thing about it, is that if it’s a nice casino, you are going to get a good feeling in your body as soon as you set foot there. You are taken care of nicely, and you can order a nice drink and browse for a bit before you sit down at the tables. The game I prefer when I play casino games in real casinos is Blackjack. The thing I like most about this game is that there are usually other people around the table, and after a few drinks people tend to get a bit chattier, and this opens up for some really interesting conversations.

So, the biggest pro for the real casinos, is definitely the feeling you get from being there. You can actually hold your chips in your hand, and that really adds an extra dimension. But let us now look at online casinos. They really do have a lot of pros to. The first, and most obvious one is that you don’t have to leave your house in order to enjoy a game. Here, you can simply roll out of bed in your underwear (you don’t even have to leave your bed for that matter) and open up your laptop, and the games will be available to you straight away.

The next good thing about playing online is that you will never have to queue up in order to play a game. All the games are at your hand whenever you want to play them, and the online casinos never close, so you could easily spend all of Christmas playing, for example. Another thing that is good, is that online casino really don’t have to worry about space in the same way a real casino does. Therefore, an online casino can sometimes offer more than 5-600 different games that are all available to the player. So all in all, online casinos give a much greater variety than most real casinos.

So to conclude this article, what’s better? Playing online or in a real casino? I would say that when it comes to just everyday play, say you suddenly get an urge to play for a little bit, online casino gaming is the clear winner. On the other hand, if you would like it a bit more special, and get that feel of being a “real gambler” – Then definitely try to book up a weekend at a really nice casino in order to get an experience out of the ordinary!